Dirk Frankenhauser

MSc in Forest Management, Technical Journalist (FJS)

Forest and biodiversity inventories


Capacity building, training

Communication and Public Relations

Africa, Balkans, Caucasus, Germany, Russia

Jan-Hendrik Hofmann

MSc and Engineering Forest Information Technology, BSc International Forest Ecosystem Management.

Forest and environmental information technology: remote sensing, spatial data analysis, GIS, mapping, forestry databases and statistics.

Forest harvesting 

Climate related forestry 

Capacity building, training 

Process optimization

Tree Assessment (FLL)


Germany, Pacific

Lukas Koch

MSc Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, BSc International Forest Ecosystem Management

Forest and environmental information technology: spatial data analysis, GIS, mapping, forestry databases and statistics

Forest inventories


Tree Assessment (FLL)

Albania, Germany, Namibia, Pacific, Sri Lanka, Vietnam

Michael Mussong, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c

PhD in Forest Operations, MSc in Forest Management, MSc in Tropical Forestry

Sustainable forest management (SFM): forest inventories, afforestation, silviculture

Forest utilization: forest engineering, forest harvesting (RIL), economics

Climate related forestry: carbon inventories, REDD+

Applied research and simple solutions

Quality management of development projects, monitoring and evaluation

Africa, Balkans, Asia, Pacific

Dan Cogalniceanu, Prof. Dr.

PhD in Ecology, MSc in Biochemistry

Nature Conservation

Biodiversity inventory and monitoring

Protected Area Management

Ecology of amphibians and reptiles

Eastern and northern Europe, Latin America, Middle East

Jaap de Vletter

MSc in Tropical Forest Management

Participatory forest management, community forestry, community carbon accounting, silviculture

Capacity building, training of forest technicians and other target groups.

Development and implementation of educational curricula

Project feasibility studies, project evaluation and review.

Africa, America, Asia, Pacific

Qingrui Wang

BSc Forest Ecosystem Management, BSc English Language

Nursery and afforestation management

Combating desertification, erosion control, wild fire prevention

Forest education and pedagogics

Chinese translations, interpretation, study tour organization

PR China, Germany