Green Owl Development UG

Applied Forest Solutions

Whether you are a governmental environmental or forestry administration, an established forestry enterprise or a NGO tackling environmental and land use issues – Green Owl Development offers solutions that reach beyond mere theoretical potentials of natural resources towards a tailor made practical answer to your specific target. On the way to those solutions we take fair and just measures for people and nature. The concept of an integrated protection of natural resources within (not through) their sound management is much closer to our way of thinking than the often only temporarily effective strict protection.

The Green Owl Development UG has been founded in 2015 with the intention of combining three generations of a multinational team of free-lancing forestry and environmental professionals under one roof and hosting the expertise of a vast network of expertise around the focus of land use- and forestry-management. The mission log of the founders dates back for more than 20 years and encompasses worldwide missions that reach from classical afforestation and forestry management over biodiversity inventories and fuel wood marketing unto developing GIS tools and implementing management software in forest enterprises. Due to our network we are able to offer applicable solutions to any practical and theoretical questions of land use, biodiversity and forest management. To find the relevant contact to your question please see our team and the references.